The art of layering

If you’re expecting an article about how to look effortlessly chic in a shirt, jumper, gilet, scarf and coat then I’m afraid you’re about to be bitterly disappointed. If, however, you’re here to find out why you shouldn’t just stick to one marketing channel, then come on in.

Think about the last advert you responded to. It probably wasn’t the first time you’d seen that brand or even that specific campaign. Like most people, you might have seen an ad on the train then forgotten all about it, then received an email and ignored it (but you probably registered the subject or sender). Then, let’s say you got home to find a really well designed and impactful postcard through your door. You take it with you to the living room along with some bills and boring mail, and you take a moment to register the offer on it.

What do you do next? If you have zero interest in it, you might recycle it or pass it on to a friend.

But chances are, if that postcard was well-targeted, you now take the time to respond to it. Perhaps even with a cup of tea in hand.

Gone are the days when one channel was sufficient for effective marketing campaigns. Now, it’s all about layering them up in the right order with a cohesive, effective creative and call-to-action.

Our approach to data-driven marketing helps businesses to create targeted campaigns across multiple channels and direct mail is the perfect final ‘touchpoint’ to reach target customers in an environment where they have the time and the inclination to respond.

Direct mail is particularly effective when combined with digital and out of home marketing because the multiple touchpoints this type of layering creates hammers home your message. The generally accepted rule is that you need to layer up three channels to get the most effective results. We call those three touchpoints:




Now you’ve recognised those steps you’ll probably notice yourself following the same pattern. It makes sense and in today’s world, where we’re bombarded with marketing from all angles, it stands to reason that most of us need a little extra nudge to become a customer and hear a brand’s message through all the noise.

Direct mail is the perfect final layer for marketing because it complements other channels and provides a last touchpoint to drive response. If you want to start layering up your marketing channels to improve your ROI, why not speak to our team today to find out how we can help you do that.

We’re a pretty stylish bunch too, so if you really do want to know how to layer your outfit as well, we’ll probably offer some advice for free on that too - despite what I said at the start. As with hats and jumpers though, the same is true for marketing - more is better but you need everything in the right place. Nobody looks cool with a jumper on their head.

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