Direct Mail

So, why should you care about direct mail?

We could spend days answering that question (we’re pretty passionate about it) but you’re probably busy. So we’ve broken it down into three takeaways you should know:

1: It’s personal

Direct mail offers amazing personalisation opportunities. Reaching somebody in their home provides an intimate and tangible connection. You can make the most of that opportunity with striking, impactful copy and a strong personalised call to action.

70% of people say that direct mail is more personal than digital marketing.

Algorithms usually determine who sees what piece of content online. However, a physical postcard addressed to the recipient at their house feels like you are reaching out to them, specifically, because they matter to your business.

2: It’s targeted

Let’s be honest, most printed marketing channels involve a huge amount of wastage. You have to accept that the majority of people seeing your ad on a billboard, in a newspaper, on a door-drop, won’t actually be your target audience. Some will even be your existing customers and this can cause problems of its own as people like to feel that their loyalty is valued - everybody hates missing out on a ‘new customer offer’.

In contrast, targeted direct mail allows you to market to a specific individual at home. Even if nobody else on their street matches your ideal customer profile, you can still reach them. The granular level of pre-qualifying available through targeted direct mail allows you to create a specific offer and call to action that’s relevant and appealing to the individual receiving it.

3: It’s measurable

Our unique approach to direct mail marketing enables you to measure results with accuracy. By matching back new customers to the recipients of your mailer, we can not only help you determine your campaign ROI but also identify the best performing target areas and profiles to refine your future campaigns.  

Providing personalised, well targeted and measurable campaigns is what we do.

And we’re good at it. So if you think it might be time you included direct mail in your marketing mix, or if you believe your current direct mail activity could be improved, then get in touch with our team.

We’re obsessed with getting you results and we’d love to have a chat about your marketing goals, and help you achieve them.