How well do you really know your customer?

Almost without exception, all our clients will already have a good understanding of their existing customer base. In most cases, they will be carrying out their own analysis and using that understanding to help drive their future marketing campaigns – it makes complete sense, of course it does.

Why on earth would you spend precious marketing budget pitching your message to the wrong people, in the wrong area, with the wrong type of media, right? Well maybe, just maybe, there are surprisingly many businesses still doing just that, and we say that with a modicum of real experience.

Yes, most businesses will carry out some sort of analysis and target new acquisition campaigns accordingly, but often this analysis is limited. Here at Address Intelligence we can’t stress strongly enough the importance of using every string of knowledge and data available to give you the best possible picture of your existing paying customers.

The data most underrated and often missed in this process relates to your customers property.

This amazing asset provides genuinely significant insight into the affluence, spending power, and life situation of any individual. Just think for a minute about your own life, and those of families and friends – their houses, whether they be owned, rented, mortgage free, their value, with garden, detached, etc – all have a massive impact on peoples lives, maybe the biggest.

Address Intelligence comes from a background where property and the property market was – and remains – a cornerstone of the data and database we built which drives our business. We hold comprehensive data on every residential property in the UK. So when we analyse our clients data we are able to provide them a whole new layer of information and insight, covering the whole of the UK, that they are unlikely to have ever seen previously. Not only that, but it enables geographic analysis taking into account the financial and economic on a regional basis – this invariably has a big impact on where clients look to target and prospect dependent on their product or service.

They can use this property data, combined with our (also very substantial) individual demographic data to build real profiles that help us collaborate and construct highly targeted and effective new campaigns – for both acquisition and retention marketing.

If you would like to get a better idea of this unique and comprehensive approach to the analysis of your own existing customer base, we would be delighted to chat through how we go about it, and the sort of results you can expect.

It’s remarkably easy on your part, we do all the hard work. Don’t worry about the security and GDPR aspect of this either – again, we do all the hard work on that front, and everything we do is rigorously in line with GDPR and data protection.