How can QR codes make your direct mail campaigns more successful?

QR codes have been around since the early 1990’s and were first used in a Japanese car factory to track the status and location of car parts.

Although the QR code has been around for almost two decades, the technology’s full potential was not realised until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The modern-day QR code has revolutionised direct mail marketing, which remains as relevant as it always was, if not more relevant to the marketing mix.

As consumers, we spend a lot of time online and in a virtual world where information can be accessed from anywhere and in a matter of seconds. But with 2 in 5 reporting digital burnout* your online channels aren’t always the best place to promote your brand, particularly when you consider direct mail has better response rates than other digital formats. Research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that direct mail generates a 4.4% response rate compared to average email response rate of 0.12%.

Integrating direct mail and digital campaigns can have a profound effect on your marketing efforts, with direct mail being a valuable tool for the digital marketer.

Its value has been demonstrated  in driving online traffic, with a 70% YOY increase*. And it’s not just older age-groups that are responding more to mail. The biggest rise in engagement with mail came from people aged 18 to 34*.

So, what is the fuss around QR codes? Well, QR codes are that physical link connecting the offline and online world. Adding a QR code to your direct mail campaign provides your consumers with quick, direct access to your business.  By 2022, 1 billion smartphones will be able to access a QR code.

The evolution of modern technology allows direct mail campaigns to deliver customers to your products faster than ever before. QR codes provide an interactive experience for users whilst seamlessly guiding customers from your direct mail campaign through to checkout.

Each QR code can be individually tracked giving you visibility of each consumer at every stage of their customer journey. You’ll have access to real-time data such as when & where a consumer scanned the code and on which device. You can use this data to inform your future campaigns and create a more targeted approach.

In addition, you will also be able to measure what percentage of your customers have come from direct mail without always relying on an offer code to track your campaign ROI.

How can I use a QR code in a direct mail campaign?

QR codes tend to be used to take individuals directly to a brand’s website, but their functionality is actually more extensive.

Download a coupon/offer

You can use a QR code in your direct mail campaign as a way for consumers to download a discount code. This is a great way to increase engagement rates with your brand as individuals love a discount.

Place an order

Place a QR code next to a product to allow individuals to make an instant purchase. If your direct mail campaign contains multiple products, you can have a QR code for each product that takes consumers directly to an order page.

Book an appointment

If your product requires a scheduled appointment or viewing, a QR code can take your customer directly to the relevant form or calendar to organise. If the process is aborted, enhanced insights give you information as to which stage the customer stopped, ensuring your next communication is relevant and informed.

Find out more

Make it easy for your audience to contact you by using a QR code that when scanned, dials your number on a consumer’s phone. This makes it easy for individuals to find out more information about your products.

QR codes connect businesses to customers and are a powerful tool to increase engagement amongst a digitally savvy generation. The evolution of the modern-day QR code has allowed for direct mail to work in partnership with smartphones and smart devices. They provide a simple way for brands to take consumers from a mail campaign directly to their digital content whilst tracking consumers at each touchpoint.

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